Monday, July 27, 2009

Left or right pawed?

I hope some cats are reading this. Are you left or right pawed? Chances are if you're a boy like me, then you are left pawed. That's right, boys are left, girls are right (well, they're wrong really!)

Scientists looked at cats and how we use our paws. Test One- They put a bit of tuna at the bottom of an empty jar,the watched how we attempted to extract the food treat. Easy -anyway we can! Whatever is takes. It is TUNA, after all!

Task two used a fabric mouse on a string that was suspended above each cat's head. The paw that was first used to reach for the toy was recorded. Easy- bite the hand not the mouse!

Finally, the scientists took the same toy for task two and slowly dragged it on the ground in front of the cats. I find it's not worth expending any energy over chasing toys on a string. So yes, I just reach out my paw-my left paw!!

You can read more here or you can just scratch your owners with your left or right paw!