Saturday, May 9, 2009

Which personality are you?

My mum says cats have different personalitites. So do dogs, she says. Yeah, right. Dogs are grumpy. Dogs are anti-social.They have no personality.
Mum says she meets a lot of Clawing Cuddles. Here her personality profile...

"Cuddles has typical feline attributes… sharp claws and she knows how to use them. While the furniture suffers occasionally, it is generally attacks on human flesh that generate Cuddles the most attention, especially when she leaps out from around the corner and jumps on human ankles! Often she strikes while her human is having an affectionate cuddle with Cuddles!
Learn Cuddles’ body language and back off before you get hurt. Give her lots of appropriate fun and games."

Sound like you or someone you know? Nothing wrong with claws, I think! If you want to see more of what my mum (animal behaviourist Dr Jo) think about pets, read here.